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Silicon Staffing Hiring Process

Silicon Staffing Virtual Assistant Hiring Process


Silicon Staffing Hiring Process



Candidate Resume Screening

We receive over 15000 resumes annually in regards to positions which we recruit for in accounting, finance, tech, customer services, sales and logistics based industries and companies.


We search for job candidates that have specific skill sets that employers can benefit from such as Excel experts, Quickbooks experts, Photoshop professionals, web coding skills in html, php, ajax, java, or other web language such as Ruby on Rails, or Pearl, which can be a bonus in an evolving business environment

We search for candidates whom have extraordinary experience in amazing companies and industries which can enlighten small and mid size businesses, offering knowledge and skill sets that are unique or industry specific.

Phone Interview

Our phone interview with every candidate is meant to measure verbal communication and presentation skills and measure the candidates knowledge of their key features through discussion of those topics. We also evaluate personality traits, desires, needs and commitment.


Candidate Profile Creation

Job Candidates create a Career Candidate Profile which includes basic personal information but also gives the candidates the opportunity to present themselves beyond a resume, adding links to achievements, testing, training, certifications earned, uploading work examples, and Letters of Recommendations.


Silicon Staffing Evaluation

Based on the criteria set by each client (employer) we evaluate each job candidate based on matching experience, skill set, personal goals, and career path to find a perfect match for our job candidates and employers evaluating the candidates career goals and the companies needs.


Background Screening & Verification

Each employer requires job candidate to be verified and screened. Verifications include, job history, criminal history check, reference verification, social security and identity verification in verifying the legal right to work in the US.


Silicon Staffing Orientation

The core confidence between our clients, the employer and our job candidates is the key component in success. Prior to your initial direct interview with the prospective employer we will prepare you for the interview by proving background information on the company and details about your interview.


Interview Scheduling & Follow Up

Success of each candidate is important to us, and we will provide the scheduling details for your interview and will work closely with you through the possible hiring process. Job offers for direct hires are negotiated directly between employer and job candidates.



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