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Human Resources


Employees can represent risk but they can also be assets to the enterprise, whose value is enhanced by development. We help with recruiting, screening, interviewing and the OnBoarding paper work and forms that accompanies every new hire. Our Onboarding solutions are what sets us apart and allows companies to have a seamless transition so companies hire with confidence. We go through various steps to ensure that the employment candidate is a fit for the job and specific position but also the environment and expectations of your company. We strive to be more than a staffing agency, we want to be your human resources department, an extension of your organization.


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Employment Recruiter

Employment Recruiting


Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) is the increasingly common practice of a company outsourcing its recruitment function to a third party staffing agencies, which possesses the resources & expertise to source job candidates for some or all of its vacant roles. Finding the right employment candidate for the job can be a time staking task. We will do the leg work, searching our current database for top of the line job candidates, posting ads locally and through various high caliber online sources. Then screening resumes, contacting job candidates, conducting the initial job interviews, employment background checks and providing your organization prescreened, verified, and qualified job candidates without the employment risks that a business can face in the hiring process.


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Employment Screening


Hiring the right employee can be critical, with any hire any business takes on a large financial risk. Screenings go beyond background checks, it starts with relationship building with the job candidate, a proper employment screening can be crucial step in protecting your business. Employment Screening, Personal Record Checking, Vendor Screening, are provided through our partner and of the largest screening and background investigation companies in the world.


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