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Continuing Education & Professional Training



A New Professional Environment
Resume Builders and Profile Enhancers

In today's high tech, remote and virtual environment, there is no limit or reason not to continue your education and build online profiles of your skill set while improving your personal skills as well.

In today's fast paced and competitive work atmosphere you must go beyond your cover letter and resume to attract employers. Anyone passionate about their profession or serious about a will to succeed has a thirst for continuing education.

Whether you are looking for industry specific training, higher education, or looking to build an online profile of your skill set to attract opportunities, there are many channels and options available, and many times at little to no cost.

Many times you can find great tutorials, Q&A sessions, and lectures from prestigious schools simply on YouTube and you can find a tremendous amount of information by doing a Google search and for many industries finding government sites which provide the most accurate and dependable information but your resume needs steps beyond this.

As the work environment changes, more and more companies will look to evaluate candidates beyond a meet and greet and your standard resume. Career skills to jumpstart your future.


Beyond YouTube, there are Ted Talks that tackle a variety of issues, Coursera which allows you to step into classrooms from some of the best schools inthecountry.The Khan Academy which is highly endorsed by Bill Gates. Grovo which allows continuing education online and at your pace.

Treehouse allows users to learn programming code through a unique system and Smarterer which we here use with our Virtual Assistants which allows testing and training in a variety of areas from Customer Service, to Excel, Coding, and Marketing Strategies.

Many similar sites, including Smarterer not only test and train users but allow users to build an online profile of activity and progress which can be shared with prospective employers. In today's efficiency minded world, employers want the best person for the job.

If the companies open position is Excel heavy they are more likely to hire a candidate that has great Excel test scores as well as great references and great work history. Bottom line, its a fast changing, highly competitive environment and we all must try to give ourselves that little edge that it takes. For almost all of us, there is a source that can enhance our careers.




Khan Academy



Start your future on Coursera today.

LinkedIn's latest acquisition will train you for your dream job.


For a few years we have utilized the training and learning tools the internet has to offer professionals and encouraged our candidates and applicants to apply these tools to their professional arsenal.


The acquisition of by LinkedIn at $1.5 billion shows the progress of how the employment process and professional education is changing. Our recommendations and process has been slated to meet the demands of the work environment of the future.

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|| LinkedIn's latest acquisition will train you for your dream job. - Engadget || Why LinkedIn broke the bank for - Recode || LinkedIn is set to train the world with their $1.5 billion acquisition - Forbes ||




Virtual Assistant Process:

Silicon Staffing Virtual Assistant

Silicon Staffing Virtual Assistant We want to make sure that we have the most committed, skilled and best trained professional which we introduce to our client.


Through online testing, screenings, and our daily dialogue we establish relationships with skilled individuals which are highly efficient in the areas which are most relevant to company needs. Silicon Staffing Virtual Assistant



Virtual Assistant Process

Silicon Staffing Virtual Assistant The Virtual Assistant process is meant to test, train and help recognize the most skilled individuals in varies areas.


By including a variety of steps which require different skill sets, attention to detail, efficiency and overall resourcefulness. Silicon Staffing Virtual Assistant