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Automated Services & Virtual Solutions

Business and Human Resources Services

Automated Business Solutions

Remote Staffing Solutions Virtual Secretary Virtual Assistant

Virtual Secretary


With Live Secretary, always have the voice of a professional representing your companies branding at the fraction of the cost.


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Automated Business Solutions  Appointment Booking Application Software

Automated Appointment Booking Application

Automate Your Booking Process from your site or app; notify using email, text and live call reminders.


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Remote Customer Service Solutions Live Appointment Booking Virtual Assistant Virtual Secretary

Live Appointment Booking

A live US based Virtual Secretary answers clients call, books appointments, make changes & sets reminders


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Remote Solutions Live Website Char Support Virtual Assistant Virtual Secretary

Live Website Chat Support

Live Web Chat Support never leaves a customer without a quick response from your team and build customer confidence.

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Business AutomationApplication Tool Software  Automate your customer service

Automated Customer Service

Allow Automated Customer Service Ticketing and Tracking tools to help gain the trust of your customers and ease your CS needs.

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Automated Business Solutions for HUman Resources Automated HR OnBoarding

Onboarding Automated HR

Fully Automated Human Resources Onboarding Solutions, automate every aspect from recruiting to evaluations and vacations.

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Automated Business and Human Resources Services

Business Automation and Virtual Staffing Solutions Human Resources Services


Self Hosted

Own Your Software and its Data, managing it on your Servers


Reduces Cost Tremendously

Dont Allow 3rd party companies access to your data

One Time Fee

Custom Branding

Customize Software to your needs

Perfect for any size business

Will need hosting service



Business Automated Tools Monthly Subscription at a low cost !

Monthly Subscription

Short Term Cost Effective, No Commits, Quick Start


Low Monthly Fee

No Contracts/Cancel at any Time

Quick Start

Perfect for Start Ups
Small or Mid-Size Business
IT Support




SIlicon Staffing Premier Business Services for large scale Automated Business Solutions


Premier Business Services

Large Scale Automated Business Solutions


Bundle Package for Large Scale Business
Premier Services
No Contracts/Cancel at any Time
Quick Start
Perfect for Start Ups
Small or Mid-Size Business
IT Support/Client Support


Human Resources Automation Application from Silicon Staffing


Automated Employee OnBoarding

Silicon Staffing developed an internal Human Resources system to manage our influx of Virtual Assistants and Temporary Staff, which allowed us to test our Automated HR tool which initiates the employees to a self onboard into your companies HR system, going through a step by step process in completing documents, tax forms, uploading identification, with client approval/acceptance option plus going through the training and initial setup and integration into your existing staff.


We have fine tuned it through the years to make it easy to use for on coming employees, flexible for your HR's needs to create a complete hands off Human Resources Automated system which trims your Human Resouces labor hours effectively by 50%. Our Automated HR tool is a complete Human Resources Manager which allows inter company communication, manages sick/day off requests, allows management of company equipment and helps management with routine reviews of staff and close monitoring of work performance and habits.