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Steps to Completing Your Candidate Profile



Completing your Silicon Staffing Employment Candidate Profile




What does that statement mean? Essentially you want to make yourself more visible. But what does that mean?

Enhance Your Career

In todays tech based world, companies are using analytics more than ever. In one area where analytics have not been used as seldom is the employee hiring process, where in its traditional format is very unscientific.

As more Tech, IT, Accounting and Finance jobs are steered into remote based positions, companies are also taking the opportunity to measure employees beyond an interview and a resume. Employers are looking for quantitative ways of measuring skills set.


As a result the resume in todays contexts will be soon obsolete. Candidates will need to brand themselves and their skill set to match company needs. The rise of professional training sites and recent purchase of for 1.5 billion by LinkedIn, in April of 2015 verifies the employment trends that will affect your career.

Dont be left behind; Candidate branding is not just for candidates starting their careers or older candidates trying to show that they have kept up with the times. It will be a norm of the hiring process soon, displaying your career growth, achievements, and specific skills set values.


Dont tell companies you are a master at Quickbooks, or can pickup any system fast, or you are an Excel Wiz ! Show them ! So they can hire in confidence.


Its simple and many times, it just takes a little time. Put in the time and see the fruits of your labor as you watch your career open up to new opportunities, a salary which you desire and a position fitted to your strengths and likes.

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Looking for Career Growth? Looking to Enhance Your Resume?
Find A List of Continuing Professional Development Career Training Sites


Online learning to jumpstart your future.


This is how your Candidate

Profile is compiled.


Completed Candidate Profile Example


Step 1: Complete Your Job Application


Steps to Completing Your Candidate Profile



Step 2: Complete Your Employment Screening



Steps to Completing Your Candidate Profile



Step 3: Provide Documents (letters of recommendation,

work product, testing, etc.)


These are optional but recommended, learn more about Career Profile Enhancers here.


Steps to Completing Your Candidate Profile



Step 4: Silicon Staffing Evaluation


Steps to Completing Your Candidate Profile


Completed Candidate Profile Example


Candidate Recruiting Process

Silicon Staffing Job Recruting Process


We review, interview, evaluate, screen, verify and select candidates that meet our clients professional standards but also consider the companies culture, speed and work style.

With the employer's expectations and guidelines in mind, Silicon Staffing seeks job applicants whose criteria meets the expectations and requirements of our clients but also carefully considers the candidates career path and desires.

Our intention is not to just place a candidate in a job or to fill a job opening but to place job applicants in positions where they can succeed and we can forge long term relationships.

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Continuing Education & Development

Professional Training and Resume Enhancers
In today's high tech, remote and virtual learning environments, there is no limit or reason not to continue your education and professional development in a time when more than ever HR departments focus on niche skill sets.

Building on your
knowledge base and experience while growing as a person and a professional is made easy with e-learning and e-training tools that recognize your talents, chronicle your growth, achievements, and hard work.

Turn your daily grind into a tangible achievement which is a great tool allowing hiring managers to see and measure for themselves.

Building an online profile of your skill set which goes beyond your standard made possible by industry specific courses from some of the most elite universities and colleges which allow you to learn and study at your own speed, development and grow towards success.

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Start your future on Coursera today.