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Green Business is Responsible and Profitable


Going Green is Profitable for your company.

How Remote Work Positively Impacts the Environment?




Job seekers looking to work remotely cite many reasons for seeking virtual jobs, from finding healthier work-life integration to saving time and tons of money.


Employers are implementing remote work policies that are having a positive environmental impact for companies and employees alike. From energy-related savings to helping to improve air quality, public perception and increasing good will and standing of the organization.


For most companies, it comes down to savings which leads to increased profits and going Green is not only a great public relations move but it does save companies substantial amount of money by decreasing your need for office space, equipment, materials, furniture, and of course energy costs not factoring the legal and tax implications that it can have for you business.

A study by WebEx, based on calculations by Global Workforce Analytics, calculated the environmental impact of remote workers.

Gas savings of more than $20 million a year globally:

Spending less on gas is just one of the many ways that working remotely will save employers thousands of dollars a year. Savings which can allow your company to hire for less or attract better more dedicated candidates.


Decrease in greenhouse gas emissions of 54 million tons annually:

Those savings amount to equivalent of taking 10 million cars off the road every year, according to WebEx. For employers, there is great evidence of how flexible work, including part-time jobs, alternate schedule, and job sharing, supports corporate responsibility and increases productivity.


A savings of 640 million barrels of oil a year:

According to WebEx, that amounts to a savings of about $64 billion. Another metric—one that’s all but impossible to assign a dollar amount to—is the positive affect on employees who are able to stop commuting, save countless hours by working from home, and achieve much-improved work-life integration.


In many cases when workers have more time, they tend to work more !!! Studies have shown remote workers get more done in less time, and more longer hours.


Positive environmental impact of remote work:


  • Reduced traffic impact

  • Improved air quality

  • Energy savings

  • Lower overhead for companies

  • Smaller carbon footprint

  • Less impact on transportation infrastructure


The positive environmental impact of working from home can also mean reduction in travel time, less paper use, and the decrease in organizational costs that come with fewer travel expense. What’s more, learning about telecommuting’s hidden environmental benefits can be a great way to work “greener” and make the most of the environmental benefits of working from home.


Eco Innovations for Business Success


Embracing the idea of eco-innovation


The term eco-innovation simply means an economic effort that operates with respect for the environment. This could be a single product or project, or it could be a company whose entire mission is to promote sustainability. When you consider the benefits of eco-innovation from a business perspective, it’s not hard to see why companies benefit by going Green.


Tapping into new and emerging markets:

the green revolution is developing new markets and expanding old ones, creating a wealth of new opportunities for ambitious enterprises.


Attracting investors:

banks, municipalities and even crowdfunding contributors are all eager to support businesses with a sustainable focus.


Getting ahead of regulations:

staying ahead of environmental regulations helps companies avoid the cost and consequence of a reactive effort if and when those regulations change.


Increasing profitability:

a serious, sustained and collaborative adoption of sustainable practices has the opportunity to eliminate waste, lowering an organization’s costs.


Promoting innovation:

operating sustainably requires careful self-scrutiny and in-house auditing that often reveals opportunities to innovate new products and processes.



Ensuring profits remain sustainable too

The case for eco-based businesses has often focused on the marketing and PR advantages to be gained from going green, but there is powerful evidence that eco-innovation leads directly to higher profits.


A recent survey suggested 75% of manufacturers have watched their materials costs grow. Eco-innovation aims to extinguish those higher costs — one of its core goals is to reduce waste and make materials as productive as possible. A German company providing consulting services in this space has been able to save 700 clients an average of $200,000.


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