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Virtual Staff Benefits



Reduced business costs lead to better business profits


Increased Profits



The business landscape has changed.

The days when compliant employees did as bosses commanded has ended, thankfully. Though some organizations have cultures where this is alive and well, they are slipping into irrelevance. They will continue to struggle to attract top talent and keep who they have.

Today's employees are looking for a meaningful, purposeful work experience. In a 2011 DeVry University study, 71 percent of millennials placed meaningful work at the top when defining career success.

What's more, research from McKinsey & Company found that in their study 2,000 executives placed finding meaning in their activities as the strongest influencer on life satisfaction. Doing work that matters is not limited to a generation.

The Role of Work Flexibility in Business

A significant influence on meaningful and purposeful work is flexibility.

Work flexibility is when businesses put into place practices that give freedom to employees. The freedom focuses on letting employees do their best work in a manner that aligns with their needs. In some cases, there is an absence of policy or procedures that give employees freedom.

Consider the following example from Poppin, a modern office furniture store. At Poppin, they promote work flexibility through a variety of practices and non-policies. They offer employees unlimited vacation hours--a non-policy. They have a practice, "Nifty Fifty," that reimburses employees $50 for money spent caring and connecting with coworkers outside the office.

Notice there's no time limit or frequency. It's up to the employee to determine with whom and when to meet outside work.

The role of work flexibility is to signal trust and respect. What's more, flexibility assumes that employees are mature, high performing adults, a belief central to Express Homebuyers.

At Express Homebuyers, they live into this belief by not tracking paid time off. They also have no vacation limits.

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Virtual Staff Benefits

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Virtual Staff Efficiency Report

Virtual Assistant vs Full Time Admin



Silicon Staffing Virtual Assistant is a career for our professionals


Its in the numbers. Pure and simply.


No magic tricks. No magic potions.



Yes of course transitioning from a traditional business model to a virtual model will take some effort and work.


But the reduction to business overhead which is significantly reduced in the 2 areas where most business report the most expenses, Payroll and Real Estate, is too substantial to overlook.


The business model is no longer a Silicon Valley experiment, its a proven profitable business model assembled successfully in every industry.


$15 || Hourly Rate || $15

$5.25 || Employee Benefits || $0

$3.75|| Employee Taxes || $0

$9 || Office Space/Materials/Equip. || $0

$33|| Cost Per Hour || $15

$84,640 || Salary || $31,200

Why Does Virtual Staff Lower Business Overhead?



Virtual Staff Benefits CostSave Money

Consider Benefits, Insurance, Taxes, Real Estate


Virtual Staff Benefits Saving TimeSave Time

Be more Productive and Efficient, take advantage of 24/7 WorkForce


Virtual Staff Benefits Top Tier Talent Top Tier Talent

Dont be Limited to Local Talent and Local Cost of that Talent


Virtual Staff Benefits Reduce Risk

Reduce HR Risk & Cost

Every single Hire that your HR makes poses a risk to your business and brand reputation


Virtual Staff Benefits Focused StrategyFocused Strategy

Use Talent When and Where You Need, Plug in and Plug out the employees that perform best at each task.


Virtual Staff Virtual ManagementVirtual Project Management

Plan, assign, communicate, execute, test and employ.


Technology AdvancesVirtual Staff Tech Advances

Use Technology to enhance your business from top to bottom


Virtual Staff Reduced Company Risk and Liabilities

Minimize Company Wide Risk & Liability

From loses to bad hires to litigation, eliminate the possibility.