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Health Benefits of working from home  is fantastic


Remote Staff Health Benefits

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Many claims have been made about the positive benefits of flexible work schedules, with those enjoying these arrangements often citing better health as one of its top perks.


Of course there is the luxury of not having to sit in traffic, or worry about pushing the boundaries of punctuality in the morning, but are there broader health benefits of flexible jobs beyond being a little less stressed out?


We asked both job seekers and flexible workers themselves to weigh in on the perceived benefits of working from home, or to speak from personal experience about the health benefits of flexible jobs.


We weren’t surprised to find better physical health at the top of our readers’ list, but keep reading to find for four additional health benefits from our very own blog readers.


Increased Physical Health


The routine of working at home can undoubtedly allow individuals to workout on their own terms.


Employees noted the importance of being able to drop into a yoga class midday, or being able to maintain their running schedule sans a 4:00 a.m. waking hour.


In addition to setting one’s own workout schedule, flexible schedules also cater to a better ergonomic office arrangements.


Employees have more freedom to alternate between a sitting and standing desk, move around more throughout the day, and take more frequent breaks. All imperative to maintaining long-term health.


Prepare Healthy Meals


Alongside exercise, cooking healthier food was on the top of our reader’s list for the top health benefits of having a flexible work schedule.


Readers noted the perks of being able to take their children to the grocery store and teach them, firsthand, how to shop for and prepare a healthy, balanced meal.


In a world where processed and fast foods are becoming increasingly difficult to avoid, the opportunity to take the time to teach children about healthy and nourishing foods is exceedingly important.


Maintaining Emotional Well-Being


Hours saved from a long, stressful commute is not the only emotional benefit of flexible work environments. Flexible arrangements lend to emotional well-being because individuals have control over their work schedules and patterns. 


Flexible work arrangements allow for individuals to live out their lives in a more valued direction, whether that means having quiet time in the morning to enjoy a peaceful cup of coffee or tea, taking a midday break to meditate, or going for a short walk.


Flexible workers also reported feeling relieved about no longer having to deal with any “office politics,” stress from rushing to get ready in the morning (which can typically make or break the day), the financial stress of transportation or child-care costs, and anxiety from the endless “to-do” list that awaited them at home.


Increased Time with Family


The benefits of having more time with one’s family are endless. From spending more time with one’s children, to properly being able to create and facilitate a routine that suits the needs of one’s family, flexible work ultimately warrants more opportunities for more quality family time. Making a conscious choice to spend more time in the home and less time in the office adds value and a sense of purpose to one’s life, further increasing feelings of fulfillment and happiness.


Readers acknowledged that these small changes, such as being able to help children get ready for school and having time to share a meal (tasks that were previously achieved in an anxiety-ridden manner), have made a lasting, positive impact on their lives. Parents commented how the joy of being able to participate in more of their children’s after-school hobbies and personal interests, and meeting their spouse for a midday meal and break from the home and kids, contributed to a much larger sense of well-being and emotional health amongst the family as a whole.



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Virtual Staff Efficiency Report

Healthier Employees Equal Healthier Profits


Healthier Employees are Happy Workers and  Work Harder


Employees who eat healthier are



25% more likely to have Higher Job Performance


27% less less likely to be Absent


Obesity and Related Complications


Cost $93 Billion Annually Nationwide


The cost for a company of 1500 is over $277,000


Productivity losses are Over $225 Billion Annually

The Conclusion


Happier Healthier Employees are more ProductiveWithout the stress of daily travel, employees are happier, they tend to eat better working from home, so they are healthier. With more time at their hands, employees exercise more, leading to better health and less stress which increases productivity and decreases absenteeism.



Employees are mentally & physically in better health working from home. They are happier which naturally motivates them & in return are more productive, efficient, & work more hours than their counterparts.


They are sick less & when they are sick, they tend to work through it rather than call in sick. They value they their position & job more because of the flexibility it affords them, so they are much more likely to stay with a company long term.


Reducing your turnover, increasing your employee retention, decreasing your overhead costs and bottomline increasing profits.