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Virtual Staff Benefits




Virtual Assistants and Remote Staff are cost effective and come with less risk or headache!


Remote Staffing is Cost Effective.

Virtual Remote Staffing is Cost Efficient.



Take a look at all the variety of benefits and it all ties back to more profit !


Its simple to see why remote staffing is a more profitable option for businesses. Starting from recruiting, your company accesses a much larger non-regional candidate pool, allowing you to hire top level talent at a fraction of the cost of a traditional employee.


Work Life Balance is what employees look for in a job now days, and with virtual positions you give employees and candidates the freedom they need as professionals.


This cuts your overhead when it comes to providing an office, equipment and up keep, in addition to risk management when to comes to slip and falls and harassment and sexual misconduct violations.


Working from home, candidates are much happier, they are healthier, and in return stay with your company longer, reducing retention which is a major factor to a companies long term success.


From Independent studies by brain tanks, universities, non-profits, and corporations have all made this clear. Employees get more done in a shorter time working from home and often work longer.


Employee Efficiency and Productivity raises when employees work from home. Flexibility in scheduling and job sharing allows your managers to use payroll hours more strategically while meetings changing demands at a better pace.


The tax liabilities are reduced greatly due to contract based hiring and Silicon Staffing assumes the heavy burden of the risks of the hiring process.




Virtual Staff Efficiency Report

Virtual Assistant vs Full Time Admin


Virtual Assistant vs Full Time Admin. Comparison of an internal HR department  and outsourcing


Its in the numbers. Pure and simply.


No magic tricks. No magic potions.

Yes of course transitioning from a traditional business model to a virtual model will take some effort and work, but the reduction to business overhead which is significantly reduced in the 2 areas where most business report the most expenses is too substantial to overlook:


Payroll and Real Estate


The business model is no longer a Silicon Valley experiment, its a proven profitable business model assembled successfully in every industry.


$15 || Hourly Rate || $15

$5.25 || Employee Benefits || $0

$3.75 || Employee taxes || $0

$9 || Office Space/Materials/Equip || $0

$33 || Cost Per Hour || $15

$84,640 || Salary || $31,200

Why Does Virtual Staff Lower Business Overhead?



Virtual Staff Benefits CostSave Money

Consider Benefits, Insurance, Taxes, Real Estate


Virtual Staff Benefits Saving TimeSave Time

Be more Productive and Efficient, take advantage of 24/7 WorkForce



Virtual Staff Benefits Top Tier Talent Top Tier Talent

Dont be Limited to Local Talent and Local Cost of that Talent


Virtual Staff Benefits Reduce Risk

Reduce HR Risk & Cost

Every single Hire that your HR makes poses a risk to your business and brand reputation


Virtual Staff Benefits Focused StrategyFocused Strategy

Use Talent When and Where You Need, Plug in and Plug out the employees that perform best at each task.


Virtual Staff Virtual ManagementVirtual Project Management

Plan, assign, communicate, execute, test and employ.



Technology AdvancesVirtual Staff Tech Advances

Use Technology to enhance your business from top to bottom


Virtual Staff Reduced Company Risk and Liabilities

Minimize Company Wide Risk & Liability

From loses to bad hires to litigation, eliminate the possibility.