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Frequently Asked Questions

Candidate Frequently Asked Questions




How long does the hiring process take?

The hiring process takes about 2 weeks from the time of your initial job interview from our end at which point we will provide our candidate profiles to our employers. The time in which the employers contact job candidates is usually between 1-3 weeks after they receive the profiles. If you are applying to be Virtual Executive Assistant learn more about the process here.


Is my info secure?

YES. Your info is stored on SSL secured servers, the forms which you complete only have the appearance of being on our site/servers. We are also PCI Complaint.

Learn More Here.


What if I dont get the job?

Your job screening is not job specific and it is good for 6-8 months on most cases. We have new positions that open on a monthly basis and your screening can be applied to those positions as well.


Can I get a copy of my report?

We are not a background screening service, we are a staffing firm and will conduct a screening for the reasons of employment purposes only. You will only receive a copy of your report if there is a negative mark on your report which disqualifies from the position, in this case we provide you the opportunity to clear and correct any such errors that the report may contain.



How will I be notified?

Most companies inform us of their decision to interview with you or provide you an offer letter, but at times they do contact you directly.



Does my bankruptcy affect my employment?

No, not necessarily, rather than just a pure credit score, employer asses risk factors that may potentially lead an employee to negligent wrongdoing caused by financial pressure. Most employers are aware and understand today's credit and financial challenges.


Why is there a charge?



Who Will I work for?

If you are hired as a Virtual Executive Assistant you are hired by Silicon Staffing and will receive payment bi-weekly via direct deposit. If you are hired for any other position, you are hired by the company directly and not Silicon Staffing and will be on that companies payroll.


Will I be reimbursed for the fee?

Virtual Assistants will be reimbursed after 30 completed hours.

Direct Hires will not be reimbursed.


Why do I need to perform a screening?

As a staffing agency, we filter for the best candidates and part of that process is a prescreening.


Can I perform the employment screening not using the online method?

We no longer accept faxed employment screenings. Due to the additional administrative work and security concerns, all screenings must be facilitated through our website.


Who does the employment screening?

It depends on your location, ask your recruiter about the company responsible for your screening.


Is this tax deductible and will I get a receipt?

Yes and Yes. This is an expense incurred to seek employment. Your receipt is emailed to you. If you dont receive it, please check your junk folder first then contact us.


What forms of ID are accepted?

Green Card, State ID, State Drivers License, Passport, Military ID


What are my payment options?

You can pay using a standard credit card.