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Remote Staff

We seek applicants, whom we qualify, interview, screen, verify and present a talented pool of top tier job candidates based on your companies criteria.

Your company can hire in confidence, knowing our employment candidates are high quality people and high quality professionals who can be contracted through Silicon Staffing or as Direct Hires placed on your payroll. Visit our Employer HR Business Hub to learn more.

What is a Direct Hire? || Go to the Employer Business Center

Virtual Assistant

Virtual Assistants work for us as independent contractors which limit liability and financial risk. We seek applicants, whom we qualify, interview, screen, verify, test, train, and identify specific skill sets which provide high levels of efficiency in the work place.


Virtual Assistants are the Modern Swiss Army Knife, that can connect and fill the gaps of your business organization with a low cost and low risk.


|| How Do I Know If Virtual Staff is Right for Me? || Seamless Transition ||



Virtual Staff Benefits

Virtual Staff. Virtual Office

Virtual Work has evolved, from a Trend and transformed into a new business model that allows.

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Virtual Staff Benefits

Benefits are endless but the bottomline is simple, streamline your business, decrease cost, increase proficiency, increase profits

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Human Resources Planning

Virtual Staff allows managers to meet business demands and get the most out of their payroll budget Read more


Robust, Streamlined, Efficient, Flexable, platform that decreases your major business expenses.


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Hiring Virtual Staff & Management

The heart of any business is its core team. Build your Virtual Staff and Manage your virtual team


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Business Assesment

Lets Get Started !

Lets assess your HR needs and develop a constructive plan to achieve those goals.


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The Cost of a Hire

Cost per hire (CPH) is the total amount of money spent by an employer throughout the entire process of a new hire. This is calculated for each position filled.

The overall goal of the employer is to reduce the CPH, so that the return on the investment is greater. This is especially devastating if the hire ends up being the wrong fit, so there is a lot to take into consideration when calculating CPH. Learn More

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Actual Hourly Cost

Cisco Systems

How to cut overhead cost right now


Costs matter. Spending matters.


That extra hour at the end of the day, the 40-hour project, the two-hour meeting with 12 people that accomplishes what could have been accomplished by three in half an hour—it's good to know what that really costs. Learn More




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Reasons for Employee Turnover


Professional Training and Resume Enhancers

Change is inevitable, but it can be costly for your business. Employee turnover is an element of change that directly affects your bottom line.


As such, it is important to identify the motives of departing workers and devise an effective retention strategy. Here are four of the top reasons many good employees resign.


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Eliminate Major Business Costs


  • Business Trends

  • You’ve probably been thwarted by the logistics and expense of finding office space, a receptionist, administrator and all the software that goes along with a successfully-run firm.


  • However, these impediments are no longer deal breakers for your next big career move. Silicon Staffing has made the commitment and knowledge to help firms and solo practitioners save money and make the transition to a virtual office taking advantage of virtual staffing benefits, while gaining efficiency in the process.

Candidate Recruiting Process


Work Life Balance - Why it Matters !

Virtual Assistant ProcessSilicon Staffing CareersIf you pay attention to news about business trends, you’ve likely heard that millennials are taking over the workforce.


You’ve probably also heard a lot about work-life balance. And you’ve read an article or two about the challenges of employee retention in the changing economy. What you may not have seen is something that pulls all of this information together.


Why, exactly, is work-life balance so important for millennials—and other workers, for that matter—and what does that have to do with retention?Silicon Staffing Recruiting




Building A Better Working World

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Equality in the Workplace

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