Direct Hire

We seek applicants, whom we qualify, interview, screen, verify and present a talented pool of candidates based on company criteria. Your company can hire in confidence, knowing our candidates are high quality people and high quality professionals.

Virtual Assistant

We seek applicants, whom we qualify, interview, screen, verify, test, train, and identify specific skill sets which provide high levels of efficiency in the work place. Virtual Assistants also work for us as independent contractors which limit liability and financial risk. 




Services & Solutions


Marketing Solutions


Email Campaigns, Social Marketing Campaigns, Blogging, Ad Posts, Adwords Campaigns

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Sales & Sales Support Solutions

Sales & Support

Email Prospecting, Cold Call Prospecting, Surveying, Lead Generation,

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Customer Service Solutions

Customer Service

Inbound/Outbound Calls, Online Chat, Email Response, order processing

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HR & Recruiting Solutions

HR & Recruiting

Recruiting, Screening, scheduling



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Clerical & Administrative Solutions

Clerical & Admin

Data Entry, Scheduling & Calendar Management, Travel Planning, market research, transcriptions read more

Web Solutions

Accounting & Finance

Payroll Accountant, Accounting Specialist, General Ledger, A/P & A/R, Financial Analyst


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This year, a driver can expect to spend 62 cents for each mile driven, approximately $854 per month, to cover the fixed and variable costs associated with owning and operating a car...

Thats over $10,000 annually!

Its also on average an hour and 15 minutes of lost time daily, which can be spent working or achieving valuable work life balance that employees thrive on and results in high efficient, high quality work for the employer. Happy Employees are also more likely to take ownership in a company, taking more initiative and staying longer with a company reducing turnover.

|| Salary.com - 9 Ways working from home saves you money ||


Cisco Systems

How to cut overhead cost right now

Remote based employees working from home can reduce your overhead costs compared to on-site employees. Remote workers don't require your office space, or the monthly utilities, parking, maintenance, and insurance expenses. You don't need to provide remote workers with office furniture, computers or equipment and using remote based employees relieves you of employee, insurance costs, potential legal issues and employee benefit costs which averaged over 40 percent of U.S. company payroll in 2016, reports CFO.com.


|| Entrepreneur - 5 Ways Telecommuting Saves Employers Money ||




Continuing Education & Development

Professional Training and Resume EnhancersIn today's high tech, remote and virtual environment, there is no limit or reason not to continue your education and build online profiles of your skill set while improving your personal skills. In today's fast paced and competitive work atmosphere you must go beyond your cover letter and resume to attract employers. learn more



Linkedin acquires professional training site lynda.com for $1.5 billion - see why -here

Business Trends

  • Business Trends Our idea of the office has changed. What comes to mind when you think of “the office?”


    50 years ago, it likely would have brought to mind something like “Mad Men” — desks in neat rows, typewriters, and rooms built of rich mahogany and smelling of cigarette smoke. Twenty-five years ago, big boxy computers and fax machines ruled the day at most companies — if you weren’t lucky enough to work in the posh... learn more

Candidate Recruiting Process



Virtual Assistant ProcessSilicon Staffing Careers We want to make sure that we have the most committed, skilled and best trained professional which we introduce to our client. Through online testing, screenings, and our daily dialogue we establish relationships with skilled individuals which are highly efficient in the areas which are most relevant to company needs.

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Building A Better Working World

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Equality in the Workplace

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