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Silicon Staffing Hiring Process




Silicon Staffing Hiring Process

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Both Employers and Employees can benefit from understanding our hiring process. We take due diligence to find the right candidate for the position which we have been made responsible to fill. Silicon Staffing Recruiting Process video explains the direct hiring process from start to finish.


We are a recruiter who helps companies fill their staffing needs, predominantly to fill accounting, finance, IT and Tech based positions. We also offer and encourage companies an opportunity to find reliable remote based employees such as virtual assistants which minimize risk and can be more affordable improving your efficiency.





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Remote Hiring and Management


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Virtual Staffing

Virtual Staff Management

Silicon Staffing Virtual Assistant is a career for our professionals


of your staff


Without Purpose, its hard for teams to exert the extra effort to get things done. Before you start, organize a kick-off meeting and define the goal and what you are trying to achieve.


Virtual Staff ManagementVirtual Assistant Training and Testing Process specifies the specific skills needed for your job or project



of All Possibilities



Go through every possible option available. Weigh pros and cons carefully, and try to come up with the option that is more sustainable and robust as the needs of business can change even when evaluated carefully.