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Human Resources and Employment Services


Remote Sales Support

Virtual Assistant

From Soccer Mom's to Large Corporation can benefit from Specialized Virtual Assistants


Screened, Trained, Tested, Verified

Ready to Interview

US Based and US Educated

Specialized by Industry and Skill

Fast Setup Process

Hire in 4 hour blocks

As low as $10.50 an hour



|| Virtual Assistant Hiring Process || Seamless Transition || Communication & Management ||

Remote Sales Support

Virtual Staff

Remote Teams can power a small company or can be an extension of large corporation.


Screened, Verified Ready to Interview


Benefits of a Virtual Staff

Effective Efficient and Highly Productive

High Talent Candidate Pool

Reduce HR Risk

Add Flexibility and Reduce Payroll

Increase Profits


Remote Sales Support

Direct Hire

Remote or Traditional based employment recruiting.


Local or Virtual

High Caliber Job Candidates

Expanded Career Profiles


Fully Verified

Ready to Interview


Accounting, Finance, Tech, IT, Admin Support






Silicon Staffing is an Extension of Your Human Resources Department

Virtual Staff Virtual OfficeVirtual Staff. Virtual Office

Virtual Work has evolved, from a Trend and transformed into a new business model that allows.


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Virtual Staff Virtual OfficeVirtual Staff Benefits

Benefits: Endless. Bottom line: Simple. Streamline business, decrease cost, increase proficiency, increase profits


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Hiring Virtual Staff and ManagementHuman Resources Planning

Virtual Staff allows managers to meet business demands and get the most out of their payroll budget


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Silicon Staffing Cloud Business SolutionsGoCloud

Robust, Streamlined, Efficient, Flexible, platforms that decreases your major business expenses and increase opportunity.


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Human Resources PlanningHire/Manage Staff

Build your Virtual Staff and Manage your virtual team with efficiency. The heart of any business is its core team.


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Silicon Staffing Business AssessmentBusiness Assessment

Lets Get Started !

Lets assess your HR needs and develop a constructive plan to achieve those goals.

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Staffing Services & Virtual Solutions

Business and Human Resources Services

Remote Marketing Solutions


Email Campaigns, Social Marketing Campaigns, Blogging, Ad Posts, Adwords Campaigns


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Sales & Support

Email Prospecting, Cold Call Prospecting, Surveying, Lead Generation


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Remote Customer Service Solutions

Customer Service

Inbound/Outbound Calls, Online Chat, Email Response, order processing


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Remote Humans Resources & Recruiting Solutions

Accounting & Finance

Payroll, General Ledger, A/P & A/R, Full Cycle, Financial Analysis


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Remote Clerical & Admin Solutions

Clerical & Admin

Data Entry, Scheduling & Calendar Management, Travel Planning, market research, transcriptions


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Remote Web Design Solutions

Web Design

Custom Web Development, Website Updates, Graphic Design



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Automated Services & Virtual Solutions

Business and Human Resources Services

Remote Marketing Solutions

Virtual Secretary

With Live Secretary, always have the voice of a professional representing your companies branding at the fraction of the cost.


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Remote Sales Support

Automated Appointment Booking Application

Automate Your Booking Process from your site or app; notify using email, text and live call reminders.
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Remote Customer Service Solutions

Live Appointment Booking

A live US based Virtual Secretary answers clients call, books appointments, make changes & sets reminders

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Remote Humans Resources & Recruiting Solutions

Live Website Chat Support

Live Web Chat Support never leaves a customer without a quick response from your team and build customer confidence.

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Remote Clerical & Admin Solutions

Automated Customer Service

Allow Automated Customer Service Ticketing and Tracking tools to help gain the trust of your customers and ease your CS needs.

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OnBoarding Automated Human Resources Application for Business

Onboarding Automated HR

Fully Automated Human Resources Onboarding Solutions, automate every aspect from recruiting to evaluations and vacations.

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The Cost of a Hire

Cost per hire (CPH) is the total amount of money spent by an employer throughout the entire process of a new hire. This is calculated for each position filled.

The overall goal of the employer is to reduce the CPH, so that the return on the investment is greater. This is especially devastating if the hire ends up being the wrong fit, so there is a lot to take into consideration when calculating CPH.

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|| - 9 Ways working from home saves you money ||

Actual Hourly Cost

Cisco Systems

How to cut overhead cost right now


Costs matter. Spending matters.


That extra hour at the end of the day, the 40-hour project, the two-hour meeting with 12 people that accomplishes what could have been accomplished by three in half an hour—it's good to know what that really costs.

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Reasons for Employee Turnover

Professional Training and Resume EnhancersChange is inevitable, but it can be costly for your business.


Employee turnover is an element of change that directly affects your bottom line.


As such, it is important to identify the motives of departing workers and devise an effective retention strategy. Here are four of the top reasons many good employees resign.

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Employee RetentionRetention of key employees and staff is important to the growth, success, stability, brand reputation and profitability of any business enterprise.


Happy, healthy employees stay with the company longer, maintaining an efficient and productive work flow lowering business costs effecting overall company moral and the bottom line.

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Eliminate Major Business Costs

Business Trends

You’ve probably been thwarted by the logistics and expense of finding office space, a receptionist, administrator and all the software that goes along with a successfully-run firm.


However, these impediments are no longer deal breakers for your next big career move. Silicon Staffing has made the commitment and knowledge to help firms and solo practitioners save money and make the transition to a virtual office taking advantage of virtual staffing benefits, while gaining efficiency in the process.

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Candidate Recruiting Process


Work Life Balance. Why it Matters !Work Life Balance is key to Employee Retention

Silicon Staffing Careers If you pay attention to news about business trends, you’ve likely heard that millennials are taking over the workforce.


You’ve probably also heard a lot about work-life balance. And you’ve read an article or two about the challenges of employee retention in the changing economy.


What you may not have seen is something that pulls all of this information together.


Why, exactly, is work-life balance so important for millennials—and other workers, for that matter—and what does that have to do with retention?


Its Simple-Happy Employees are more dedicated, work longer hours, are more productive, efficient and stay with the company longer.Silicon Staffing Recruiting






Building A Better Working World

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Equality in the Workplace

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