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Silicon Staffing - About Us

In 2007 we saw an opportunity in the changing business world. Although the wave of off-shoring and virtual environments had already began, this was a new phase we were entering. The office as we know it had started to disintegrate due to the immense opportunities the world wide web provided and in relation the comfort of both executive and employees to use these tools.

Our focus is to connect companies with Americans which live outside the metropolitan areas where the cost of living allows companies the opportunity to grow without sending jobs overseas.

Many of our solutions reduce risk for companies and allow seasonal or young companies to bring on help as its needed. Focusing on providing dedicated, qualified, verified professionals to individuals and companies with the purpose to help busy professionals and companies maximize the duties and results with a singular focus on helping leaders get the job done.




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Silicon staffing firm is set in the heart of the Silicon Valley and we cater to companies with a progressive initiative and technological advanced environments set on efficiency. We predominantly place candidates in the accounting, finance, tech, and IT industries

We offer Virtual Assistant that provided targeted and efficient services and Direct Hire Solutions that reduce risk increase efficiency and progressively driving profit

Our Mission

We pride ourselves on efficiency and we take steps to ensure that we go beyond our clients expectations in providing solutions which reduce risk, focus on efficiency and cost management. We conduct ourselves with the highest level of integrity and professionalism.

We understand the competitive nature of your industry and ours, and our ultimate success comes through our clients and candidates.