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What the future holds for Virtual Staffing



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What the future holds for Virtual Staffing

The growing skill shortage, artificial intelligence both disrupting and creating jobs



According to the Zinc survey, IDC expects mobile workers will account for nearly three-quarters of the U.S. workforce by 2020.


"The remote workforce is growing at an astonishing rate … and it'll be up to employers to keep up with the changing needs of their employees," said Epstein. "One of the easiest adjustments management can make is to implement a company wide set of communication standards that simplifies the process for their workers so they're not switching between email, SMS and a slew of apps not secure enough for the enterprise."


Some companies are still on the fence about allowing employees to work outside the office. That approach could be detrimental in the years to come, said Liz Roney, business owner and executive coach of The Leadership Coaching Group.


"More ... candidates require remote work as a condition of employment," said Roney. "Taking the option off the table can prevent you from attracting key people ... your organization needs. Making it worse, the top candidates you miss out on may be headed to your competitors who are offering a remote position."


Current organizations need to make improvements to their remote work policies and capabilities. If a company is concerned about productivity and performance issues associated with a company wide ability to work from home.


Lambert recommended creating standard key performance indicators (KPIs) for both management and employees. This way, she said, remote team members are aware of expectations, and their performance can be monitored



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Virtual Staff Efficiency Report

10 Cognative Biases that Affect Hiring



We make judgmental decisions daily without even thinking about it, knowing it or realizing it, But we do, and these decisions many times turn out to be the wrong decisions because of the way we came to the decision in the first place.


These decisions can have a costly effect on your business organization





Cognative Biases Availability Heuristic








Cognative Bias Overconfidence Bias






Human Resources Payroll & Staff Management Models



Staff Augmentation

Companies add contractors to increase their output in pace with demand. This arrangement allows them to offer additional services, which may be deficient in their business structure. With this set-up, they still control all resources.



Companies identify certain skill gaps that can be easily separated in their processes. These parts of projects are then outsourced. In this situation, the vendor may have more responsibilities and obligations to the company.



Project Based Outsourcing

Sometimes the best solution for companies is to outsource entire projects , in this setup, the vendor acts as a partner to the company and has all the necessary competencies to complete the project.



Manage Services

In this outsourcing model, companies have a long term engagement of services with vendors that act as consultants.




Build Operate Transfer

Companies contract an offshore partner to start their own subsidiary through the build operate transfer (BOT) model. Ini this setup the offshore partner faces all the obstacles and operates the business.