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Virtual Assistant

Remote Staff

Virtual Assistants are a low risk tool that individuals can utilize as much as small businesses and corporations. Cloud based communication allows employees to work from home giving companies a less expensive and more productive work force. Companies can utilize cost of living expenses of another region or the time zone differences in maximizing their business potential creating an around the clock virtual team that is responsive efficient and held to accountable.


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Virtual Assistant Scheduling & Planning SolutionsScheduling & Planning

Your VA can be the liaison between your office staff, and clients, scheduling, canceling, planning your daily, weekly and monthly meetings and schedule book.


Virtual Assistant Web Marketing SEO, Website MaintananceeMarketing & Web Manager

The key to success in todays high tech environment is to be able to reach your audience with the right message. We can manage your social media, update your website, blog and introduce methods to improve your Search Engine Optimization

Virtual Assistant Clerical & Administrative ServicesClerical & admin

You don't have time for general office work, faxing, filing & clerical work. Your dedicated VA will take care of the tasks that hold you back from doing what you intend to do.

Virtual Assistant Research Services from Silicon StaffingResearch

Research is at the heart of any project, but how many times have you spent 2-3 hours researching the world wide web to find that you have only scratched the surface? Let your dedicated VA provide you leads and links that would other wise eat up your valuable time.

Remote Virtual Assistant Data Entry ServicesData Entry

Forms, memos, customer data, bookkeeping, no matter the source, your dedicated VA will be able to sort through it and take this mundane task away from you.

Virtual Assistant Staff SupportStaff Support

Small office or a large corporation can experience a rush of work, a sick employee or a needed office rover that would eliminate the stress and reduction in work productivity. Your personal dedicated VA can be the person that picks up the daily slack and is well assimilated with your existing team.

Virtual Accounting and Financial Services at a fraction of the costAccounting Support

Your dedicated VA will monitor and enter expense reports, invoices, vendors and monitor financial account and purchase orders. This is a great support option for your accounting or finance department.

Remote Virtual Email Response Assistant SolutionsEmail & Calls

Most professionals deal with a ton of daily emails and at least a dozen calls that can be delegated to a trusted professional that will communicate with you and for you, taking away the mounting pressure of daily tasks that can not ignored.





10 ways you can use a virtual assistant to improve 10 ways you can use a virtual assistant to improve


Using a virtual assistant can shave hours from your work week, but knowing which tasks to delegate can be tricky, whether you're starting or growing a business.

Entrepreneurs can use virtual assistants for everything from making vendor or customer service calls to sending out thank you cards to prospective clients



9 Considerations for Busy Professionals 9 Considerations for Busy Professionals


Busy Professionals can hire an Virtual Assistants from as little as 4 hours per week to 40+ hours per week.


Professionals can ramp up hours as business need increases with Silicon Staffing Virtual Assistants. Silicon Staffing can scale with your organization’s growth & administrative demands.