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Remote Staffing Employment Trends



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Remote Staffing Employment Trends


The growing skill shortage, artificial intelligence both disrupting and creating jobs


According to LinkedIn’s latest Global Recruiting Trends Reports, 56% of leaders say that their team’s hiring volume will increase. Thus, you will have to keep track of more candidates for each job posting. About 32% of agencies surveyed identify their business processes as the biggest barrier to growth.


The majority (87%) of respondents looking to improve efficiency think better processes would aid this. With over half of agencies (56%) losing time to reporting each month, there is clearly opportunity for improving processes related to data reporting and performance tracking.


Talent driving a shift toward flexible work schedules is a lot for employers to keep up with. That’s why we’re breaking it down with several market factors affecting the workplace this year.


Talent shortage will outpace wage stagnation, and companies that continue to keep wages below market will struggle.


Flexible and remote workforce models will expand. Flexible work schedules are a rising trend among professional culture perks, and will remain key to attracting and retaining top talent. Companies will continue using contract workers to fill occasional and seasonal staffing needs. In order to achieve sustainable balance, employers will have to be flexible and constantly evaluating their systems.



Employers will hire for culture fit and train for skills. Hard skills aren’t the be-all and end-all of what makes a person the best candidate. Soft skills enable candidates to master necessary hard skills over time and will continue to be critically important as employers increasingly focus on training employees or new hires. Employers will seek candidates with STEM skills. Demand for science, technology, engineering, and mathematics skills will continue to increase. Mid Level STEM jobs are in highest demand.


AI and automation will advance. The need for skilled humans to operate and use advanced technologies will remain significant for the foreseeable future but as these AI and automation systems may take away some service based positions, it is also opening a new door to new advances, and advances which creates jobs, it is yet unclear how these demands will be met by candidates that are not schooled or skilled in these lines of work. How that gap is filled is yet to be seen but as prior tech companies may take the first steps in creating institutions in training personnel.


To improve operational efficiency, and maximize revenue margins, firms will need tools that will save time and ensure accurate data on candidates. More companies will place data at the forefront of strategic workforce planning to understand how to build better teams, make processes more efficient, and analyze the utilization of resources across the company. The flexibility available with remote based staffing, allows organizations to develop in depth plans and manage their staff with much higher efficiency, both creating a moment of anxiousness within candidates but also opportunity.



Virtual Staff Efficiency Report

The 8 Intrinsic Drivers of Employees


Intrinsic Drivers of Employees Belong & Connect Belong & Connect

If people feel excluded in the workplace they feel threatened and it can affect their health and well being. Its important to make sure individuals feel connected to their team.



Intrinsic Drivers of Employees Signifigance & Position Significance & Position

People are continually assessing their role within their organization and what contribution they are making. If people do not feel valued, they can feel threatened, which will negatively impact their performance.


Intrinsic Drivers of Employees Learn & ChallengeLearn & Challenge

Workers need to be continually learning so they can adapt to the ever changing modern work environment. Research has shown that employees who feel challenged are more productive.


Intrinsic Drivers of Employees Securitu CertaintuSecurity & Certainty

If workers arent secure in their position then they can feel threatened which has a negative effect on their performance and productivity levels.




Intrinsic Drivers of Employees Voice & RecognitionVoice & Recognition

People should be encouraged to put their views and ideas across in the workplace so they feel that that their contributions are recognized and appreciated.



Intrinsic Drivers of Employees FairnessFairness

It is critical for an organization to treat its employees fairly and consistently. If employees feel they are being treated unfairly it can cause high stress levels and low productivity.



Intrinsic Drivers of Employees Choice & AutonomyChoice & Autonomy

Giving workers a degree of control and the ability to make their own choices can help them balance their work and homes lives more effectively, helping to improve their performance.


Intrinsic Drivers of Employees PurposePurpose

If workers have a clear sense of purpose and are aware of exactly what their contribution to an organization is, they are more likely to be engaged and productivity.