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Virtual Assistant

9 Considerations for Busy Professionals

Virtual Assistant Reduce Business Cost


9 Considerations for Busy Professionals



Virtual Assistants Scalable1) SCALABLE. Busy Professionals can hire a Virtual Assistant from as little as 4 hours per week to 40+ hours per week.


Hours selected are chosen in 4-hour increments. Professionals can ramp up hours as business need increases with Silicon Staffing Virtual Assistants.


Silicon Staffing can scale your organization’s growth & administrative demands, enabling you to forecast administrative cost for budgeting.




Virtual AssistantsAllow Sales People to Sell

2) BURDEN LIFTED. No need to pay benefits such as employer-required taxes, health care, retirement, equipment, down-time, training, phones, computer, PTO, sick time, & etc.


You simply pay Silicon Staffing once per month for the services our company provides through our trained, evaluated and professional virtual assistants.




Virtual Assistants are highli  Efficient

3) EFFICIENCY. Silicon Staffing punts the water cooler!


Efficiency of work performed is focused. Because our Virtual Assistants are remote/virtual, your virtual assistant won’t be involved in general


office activities/conversations/politics/experience, which directly decreases worker/task productivity.


We replace 30 to 35 hour per week, on-site Assistants and Secretaries with 15 hours with virtual assistants from Silicon Staffing!


The reason is simple, a traditional employee is paid to be at your business location based on set hours, naturally they will pace their work compared to a virtual assistant working from home who has an incentive to do it right the first time and maximize their day.


We strive for results not hours logged.




Virtual Assistants dont need extended training or long hiring process

4) QUICK START. Silicon Staffing HR advisors work with the our client and the virtual assistant to “map” the tools, process, and work-flow … to speed up“on ramp” time. We know you are busy.


We want you up-to-speed with your virtual assistant as fast (and as accurately) as possible!


During the first 2 weeks our HR advisors monitor the communication and progress of the work for a seamless transition, if moving away from traditional staff to online employees or needing to catch up on work by bringing on temporary staff.


We can have a skill specific virtual assistant ready to help your business in 3 days or less.




Virtual Assistants deliver High QualitU Results

5) QUALITY CONTROL. Silicon Staffing HR Advisors consistently survey and communicate with our clients and our virtual assistant separately to gauge and confirm the success of partnering together for a quality and efficient work result.


To protect against any gaps in communication we monitor the progress and communication of our virtual assistants to make sure there are no misunderstandings, that can cause loss of time, create frustration or miss even a soft deadline.




Virtual Assistants are highlU skilled.

6) HIGH-CALIBER. Silicon Staffing Virtual Assistants are quality people, vetted for the work they will perform.


Almost all of our Virtual Assistants are college-educated, tech-savvy, with past business/professional experience in high pressure work environments… who are servant-minded individuals that care greatly about your success and posting results for your organization … just like you.


We pay our virtual assistants very well … so, if you are looking for cheap virtual assistant service … we are not for you. Great people cost good money.


Our Virtual Assistants are US based, US educated, Screened, Tested, Trained and Verified. We just provide online jobs, our virtual assistants see what they do as a career with great benefits.




Virtual Assistants are US based and educated

7) MADE IN THE USA. Virtual Assistants from Silicon Staffing are not located in foreign countries.


When you contract with Silicon Staffing for an Virtual Assistant you are working with an American, English-speaking person to serve you and your organization that is experienced in todays fast paced environment.


There will not be a language or cultural barrier to overcome.




Silicon Staffing Virtual Assistants are HighlU Ethical

8) BEST PRACTICES. Silicon Staffing provides its virtual assistants with best-practices, tips, and tools to help you and your organization with the work/tasks they perform.


Silicon Staffing Virtual Assistants partner with you to determine which day-to-day task(s) and work would provide the most value.


We hire and train our virtual assistants to carry the highest morals and ethics in the professional environment. You can rest assure we hire individuals who take pride in the work they do, and have the exact skill set your business requires.




Virtual Assistants reduce HR Hiring Risk


9) PROTECTION. Sad to say, but it happens all the time.


Issues arising from claims made by employees regarding inappropriate behavior, or a slip and fall or the variety of risks that plaque businesses today.


An independently contracted virtual Assistant eliminates the possibilities and liability for these issues to take life and destroy your business and personal life.



Employee Retention & Lowering Employee Turnover


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