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Retention of employees is key to building a solid company


Remote Staffing Increases Retention

Effective Solutions to lowering employee payroll and company increasing profits by reducing turnover and having higher retention in your company.



If employers plan on hiring top talent, flexible working is an imperative. Employees continue to demand improvements in their work-life balance and when flexible working can bridge that gap.


Flexible work is often associated with more positive feelings about work. How could it not be when you’re given the autonomy needed to balance work and life.


Thankfully, a recent study discussed by Forbes shows that people who work from home are more likely to love their job—by 87 percent!


While you might be thinking you’d love to work from home in your pajamas in front of the TV, the study goes on further to show that telecommuters put in longer hours and have more ambition.


Conducted by Leadership IQ, 3,478 employees were surveyed through an online test. The test was designed to first gather data about where the person worked—either in a traditional office, as a mobile worker, or a telecommuter. Office workers were in the employer’s office, mobile workers moved around and between spaces and offices, and telecommuters worked primarily from home.


After assessing the location of work functions, the survey asked employees about their feelings toward their job, which included the options of love, like, tolerate, dislike, or hate. Below are a few of the findings and tips to help you love your job!


Flexible Work Place


of full time employees do not have flexibility

working encouraged at their workplace



Employees wanting Remote Work


of employees wish they offered remote work




Commute to Work


of employees spend over an hour in commuting daily




Employee Stress


of employees feel flustered or stressed at least once a week


Work Life Balance

of Women are more likely to ask for flexible working over a pay raise


Remote Jobs Attract Better Candidates


of employees feel that offering flexible working makes a job more attractive to them



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Drivers of Employee Enagagement


Employee Engagement

Tips for Employee Engagement


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