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Virtual Staff Benefits





Human Resources Comparison
Internal HR vs External HR


Human Resources



Human Resources



Department Payroll

(HR Managers, HR assistants, Recruiters, admin, etc)


Average HR Dept Payroll



Low end Mid Level Business HR Dept Payroll


Hiring Cost

Between $2500-$7000


With an Average cost of $5000 per hire




Recruiting Cost

(Advertising, travel, job fairs, testing, background checks, referral bonuses, etc)



These cost per hire average between $1000-$5000 per hire in addition to your HR Department personnel salaries.





Risk Management

(reputation, law suits, etc.)



Your company assumes all risk that comes with each hire.

Silicon Staffing assumes all hiring and termination processes and risk !


The Wrong Hire

(cost of recruiting, training, OnBoarding )



This can cost upwards of just $5000 at a minimum

We provide highly committed validated candidates but if it doesnt work out, we will provide another candidate free of charge


Criminal History Check

(Court Clerk Verification)



Financial History Check

(Credit Agencies & Public Records)




(Based on hiring criteria)




(Based on hiring criteria)



Scheduling & Calendaring




Post Hire Clerical Admin Client Support



Cost of 40 Annual Hires



HR Dept. Personnel Salary $200,000

Recruiting Cost $200,000


Assuming each hire is a great fit and there are no bad hires.






Recruiting Cost $200,000