Candidate Recruiting Process


Candidate Recruiting Process  



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Continuing Education & Development

Professional Training and Resume EnhancersIn today's high tech, remote and virtual environment, there is no limit or reason not to continue your education and build online profiles of your skill set while improving your personal skills. In today's fast paced and competitive work atmosphere you must go beyond your cover letter and resume to attract employers. learn more



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Basic Tools for Remote Success


The perception is that your company needs some kind of exotic remote infrastructure to have the ability to have employees work remotely. Simply thats not true !

Many companies already use web based remote access portals such as Sales Force and a variety of portal cloud based system which allows uses of databases. The biggest issue is of trust and communication.

The trust factor is one that the employer needs to have confidence in the abilities, motives and dedication of their employee. This starts with having high quality people that are focused on a common goal. This starts with having a human resources department that is also focused on building a core group that is developed by hiring individuals who are committed to personal and company success and importantly growth.

These types of individuals are usually self-motivated professionals that have a thirst for learning and seeking excellence, they are highly responsible and borderline work-a-holics. They are professionals that have succeeded without working under supervision and they like their jobs !

If your employee meets that criteria, studies from Intel, Cisco Systems and a variety of universities has shown that, they will not only be more productive and efficient employees but also happier ones which will value a monetary gain, less!

So how do you communicate?

It cant be anymore simple or cost effective. With phones, email, text, IM and video messaging, there isnt much that you will be missing in regards to communication either oral or written. The number one tool for communication is ... LEARN MORE